Chocolate Wedding Favors

Written by Robert Mac
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Chocolate wedding favors will make your guests happy--they might even hope that you'll get married every weekend. Chocolates have been a highly prized food for centuries and are appropriate for the ceremonial significance of a wedding. And with the wide array of fine confections available, there will be chocolate wedding favors for every taste and dietary consideration.

Let's face it: a disposable camera or matchbooks with the happy couple's name just don't match up to mouth-watering chocolates. Since its original use as a ceremonial drink in Mesoamerica, chocolate has always been associated with special events and important occasions: graduations, anniversaries, and weddings. Enjoying a savory luxury--food in general--is more satisfying physically and psychologically than a trinket that will sit on a shelf.

Chocolate Wedding Favors . . . and Flavors

The beauty of chocolates--especially filled Belgian chocolates--is the variety that is available. A gourmet chocolate by itself is enough for some people--dark, milk, or white chocolate--but then come the fillings. You can have the traditional cherry cordial, or caramel, or any number of cream fillings, like hazelnut praline.

There are also chocolate wedding favors filled with ganache. Ganache is an ultra-rich mixture of dark cocoa, heavy cream, sugar and a touch of coffee or premium liqueur. If that's too much, there are also sugar free, vegan, low carbohydrate, and non dairy chocolates for those who are watching what they should (and shouldn't) eat.

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