Christmas Gift Chocolates

Written by Robert Mac
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Christmas gift chocolates say "Merry Christmas" like nothing else--they also say "Let's share" so that everyone can enjoy them. Choosing the right holiday gift isn't easy: your gift might be too impersonal, too risque, or too inappropriate. Christmas gift chocolates will be enjoyed by everyone; there are even varieties for people on restricted diets.

There's nothing more awkward than giving the wrong gift at Christmas. What do you get the in-laws? Co-workers? Young and old family members? Rather than risk embarrassing yourself and them ("Sorry about the Strip Monopoly game, Grandma") get everyone's favorite Christmas gift: chocolates. Chocolate is the world's favorite flavor, especially during the holidays, and it's always better to receive than give.

Christmas Gift Chocolates Are Better Than Frankincense and Myrrh

. . . but not gold. Chocolate tastes better, though, and was just as valuable: ancient Aztecs valued chocolate so much that they used cacao seeds--from which chocolate is derived--as money. It has been held in high regard ever since, and gourmet chocolates are synonymous with special occasions and holidays. For family holidays in particular, a box of mixed chocolates offer something for everyone in the family.

Variety is the spice of life, but chocolate is the main course. Chocolate covered cherries and caramels for the kids, rich ganaches for Mom, and low carbohydrate chocolates for Dad. There are even sugar free varieties for diabetics (or if Grandma is watching her sugar intake), and vegan chocolates for Sis who's home from college.

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