Corporate Chocolate Gifts

Written by Robert Mac
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Corporate chocolate gifts don't last as long as other office-themed presents . . . and they shouldn't. If you get gourmet chocolates for your staff or clients, they won't last to the end of the day; meanwhile, the customized mouse pad will be around forever, either on the desk or in it. No one gossips at the water cooler about what a great mouse pad they got--corporate chocolate gifts, on the other hand, will be remembered a long time.

Today's practice of giving chocolates as a gift--Valentine's Day, graduations, and anniversaries are a few examples--goes back to the Mesoamericans who discovered chocolate. Two thousand years ago, early Aztecs and Mayans created a special drink from spices and the ground seeds of the cacao plant--the earliest chocolate. Because making chocolate was, and still is, labor intensive, it has always been a favorite for special ceremonies and events.

Make Friends with Corporate Chocolate Gifts

A box of pens with your logo. A business card holder. An inspirational saying with a dramatic photo. Have you guessed the category yet? It's Boring Office Gifts. Let's move to the next category: Corporate Chocolate Gifts. Delicious. Rich. Memorable. See the difference?

People prefer foods, especially gourmet foods like chocolates, over plastic doo-hickeys because food is a primary human need; an edible gift reminds co-workers and clients that after 5 o'clock, we are all humans. Breaking bread with your companions (the word comes from with and bread) connects people at this basic level. While you can't sit down and have lunch with all your office mates, you can spread a little humanity around with good chocolates.

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