Crystal Sticks

Written by Sarah Provost
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Did you know that for many centuries, sugar was considered to be medicinal? Since sugar was first refined, around 200 AD, sugar crystals were used to treat colds and sore throats. Shakespeare even mentioned crystal candy as a way to sooth the voices of orators. I give you this information just in case you need an excuse to enjoy the sweet treat known variously as rock candy, crystal candy, crystal sticks or swizzlers.

Whatever you call it, this is a very pure and simple confection that can even be made at home. All you have to do is heat water and add sugar to create a supersaturated solution. Suspend a string or stick into the solution and let it cool. As it returns to room temperature, the sugar will precipitate out and crystals will form along the string or stick. Coloring and flavoring can be added if you desire.

Small crystal sticks are often used as coffee stirrers at parties and weddings and in upscale restaurants. They can either be made of plain sugar or flavored with cinnamon or other coffee-compatible flavors. They also serve the admirable purpose of keeping small fry quiet and content while the adults enjoy their evening.

Buy Crystal Sticks Online

You can obtain crystal sticks in several sizes, flavors, and colors at scores of candy merchant sites. Most sites also offer loose sugar crystals, which can be used as a candy, a coffee sweetener, or for decorating baked goods. And if you have a scratchy throat, a few sugar crystals dissolved in tea still makes a soothing remedy.

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