Diabetic Safe Foods

Written by Amy Hall
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Are you tired of the bland flavor of many diabetic safe foods? If you have tried unsuccessfully to satisfy your craving for something sweet by eating sugar free foods, you will be pleasantly surprised with the natural sweetener, maltitol. This natural sweetener is created from malted corn syrup, and it contains only 2.1 calories per gram, whereas sugar contains 4.0 calories. In addition, maltitol has far fewer carbs, so it is ideal for people following a high protein diet plan.

Just because your body cannot tolerate high sugar foods does not mean that you stop craving something sweet from time to time. This is the dilemma that many diabetics face; they know they cannot indulge in high sugar foods, yet they still want a slice of cake or a chocolate candy bar from time to time. Sugar free foods have not been all that spectacular in the past, as artificial sweeteners were used in place of real sugar.

The truth is, artificial sweeteners can taste fake. In addition, you may find that artificial sweeteners taste overly sweet, ruining what could be an otherwise delicious dessert. Maltitol has been described as being almost as sweet as sugar, without any unpleasant aftertaste. You can finally enjoy diabetic safe foods without sacrificing taste, aroma, or texture.

The Importance of Diabetic Safe Foods

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are thrown into a whole new way of living. All of a sudden, what you eat becomes the center of your universe. If you want to live your life as normally as possible, which means including sweets in your diet from time to time, you can with maltitol-sweetened foods. The taste is unbeatable, and you can feel secure knowing that you are not putting your health in jeopardy.

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