Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

Written by Robert Mac
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Gourmet chocolate gifts will make somebody's day memorable--and yours, too. Chocoholics can't get enough of what they crave, and being gourmet means that it doesn't get any better. In fact, chocolate has been a prized treat for centuries; today, gourmet chocolate gifts are still highly valued by all people around the globe.

The status of gourmet chocolate gifts seems to surpass almost all other foods. Aside from wine and champagne, what gourmet food approaches the distinction of chocolate? Maybe truffles or caviar, but those are far from being everyday foods the way chocolate is. Only chocolate is prized for being both decadent enough for the rich and affordable for the poor.

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Started with the Aztecs

The Aztecs are credited with discovering chocolate deep within the seedpod of the cacao tree. History is unclear how the first person harvested, fermented, roasted, and crushed cacao seeds to make the first chocolate, but their discovery was praised as much back then as it is today. Because of the intricate process to make it, chocolate was a prized ceremonial drink that only became more popular as more people fell in love with it.

Today, chocolate is still revered as a distinctive gift for special occasions--at least gourmet chocolates are. Mass-produced low end chocolates are just that: a dime a dozen. But for the true chocolate fan, only the finest ingredients (and nothing artificial!) are required to make the highest quality gourmet chocolates; anything less than that is blasphemy and a gift that needs to be returned.

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