Low Carb Candies

Written by Amy Hall
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The Zone and Atkins diet plans encourage people to follow a high protein/low carbohydrate lifestyle. This involves eating lean red meats, fish, and poultry and stocking up on vegetables and fruits. Whole grain foods can also be included in a high protein diet in moderation, however simple carbs should be entirely restricted. Foods containing simple carbohydrates include pasta, white bread, candy, cookies, cakes, and basically any thing made with white flour or sugar.

Diabetics may elect to follow a low carb diet because many foods high in simple carbohydrates are believed to raise insulin levels. Carbohydrates that are not readily used by the body get stored as fat. The process of ketosis involves the body burning stored fat for energy because it is not receiving carbohydrates from foods. People who follow this type of high protein diet are able to lose stored body fat because their bodies continuously tap into those stores for energy.

Low Carb Candies for Weight Loss

Even the most dedicated high protein dieters still succumb to the temptation for sweets now and again. Regardless of the type of diet you follow, you are probably familiar with that feeling of deprivation. Once you give into your cravings you feel guilty for doing so because you think you ruined your previous efforts.

If you have had these thoughts before, you can thank your lucky stars that you no longer have to wage this battle with yourself. Low carb candies made with the natural sweetener maltitol taste incredibly indulgent, yet they contain no sugar and very few carbs. You can savor every last bite of your gourmet sugar free candies knowing that you have not undone all of your hard work.

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