Low Carb Chocolate

Written by Robert Mac
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Low carb chocolates are ideal for people on the Atkins diet or other diets that emphasize protein rather than carbohydrates. By cutting sugar from its recipe, a low carb chocolate reduces its caloric value as well as its carb total. These chocolates are sweetened with maltitol rather than sugar, also making them a favorite for diabetics and others watching their sugar intake.

The latest dietary fad is low carbohydrate diets. By cutting carbs and bulking up on other nutrients, mostly proteins, the body is able to more effectively burn fat. In a process called ketosis, people on the Atkins or Zone diets burn their stored fat as fuel because carbohydrates aren't available. While many foods are not permitted on these diets, low carb chocolates are.

What Makes Low Carb Chocolates Sweet?

Traditionally, chocolates are sweetened with sugar (sucrose); sugar free chocolates use maltitol instead. A natural ingredient made from malted corn syrup, maltitol is 90% as sweet as pure sugar and is nearly identical in taste. However, it's chemical make-up differs from compounds in the sugar family and is therefore OK for diabetics or others on a no-sugar diet.

A gram of maltitol provides 2.4 calories of energy, while sugar provides 4.0 calories. Sweetening any food with maltitol instead of sugar lowers its caloric value 12 to 15%. In a similar way, chocolates sweetened with maltitol have fewer carbohydrates than sugar sweetened ones, about one net gram of carbs per piece.

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