Low Carb Recipes

Written by Amy Hall
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Artificial sweeteners are typically used in low carb recipes that are geared towards diabetics and those following a high protein diet plan. The only problem with foods containing artificial sweeteners is that they may have an unappealing taste. In some cases, candies and chocolates made with artificial sweeteners leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth that lingers.

When you think about it, eating these low carb/low sugar foods almost does not seem worth it. If you are not going to derive any pleasure from eating a slice of low carb chocolate cake, why waste the calories on it? You would be better off eating something else that tickles your fancy instead. Fortunately for those people following the low carb diet plan, there are some fabulous alternatives to high sugar/high carb sweet treats.

Most people thoroughly enjoy eating rich and creamy gourmet chocolate and/or desserts made with chocolate. The problem is that traditional gourmet chocolates are created using cocoa, butter, sugar, lecithin, and vanilla. Milk chocolate is even higher in sugar and fat because it must contain at least 12 percent whole milk. It is this list of ingredients that give gourmet chocolate the creamy texture and mouthwatering sweet taste.

Low Carb Recipes that Taste Like the Real Deal

If you are a self-proclaimed chocoholic but have managed to keep yourself from indulging in chocolate because of your low carb diet plan, you now have a tasty alternative. Chocolates made with maltitol are every bit as sweet and rich as chocolates made with sugar, yet they contain only one net gram of carbs per piece. Cakes and cookies made with maltitol are just as delicious as those made with sugar. Finally you can indulge your craving for luscious chocolates without sabotaging your diet.

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