Mint Truffles

Written by Amy Hall
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Mint truffles combine the rich creaminess of chocolate with the refreshing zing of mint. Chocolate and mint have long been paired together. Think about it; there is mint chocolate chip ice cream, grasshopper pie made with oreos and crème de menthe, and chocolate covered mints. Truffles just take it a step further by combining the ultimate in gourmet chocolate with the refreshment of mint.

You can purchase mint truffles in boxes, or you can purchase customized gift baskets containing truffles and other goodies. Truffles tend to be expensive, so if you have a limited budget, you may want to combine mint truffles with chocolate bars or assorted candies. A gift basket makes an attractive presentation, and the recipient can use the basket once all of the sweet treats are gone.

Mint truffles are the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday. They are also the ideal ending to a delicious meal. Mint truffles are also highly enjoyable when paired with champagne or a fine red wine. If you want to impress your dinner guests, serve truffles at the end of your meal and offer a choice of a full bodied red wine, such as a cabernet or zinfandel, or some chilled champagne.

Mint Truffles for Happy Endings

Although truffles make the perfect ending to any meal, they can also be enjoyed as snacks whenever the mood strikes. Chocolate contains ingredients that have been proven to fight free radical damage; furthermore eating chocolate makes us happier people. I cannot think of a better reason to indulge in truffles, can you?

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