Necco Wafers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Necco wafers, those colorful candy disks stacked in a paper tube, have been around for more than 150 years, but their popularity has not diminished. The statistics are rather stunning. More than four billion Necco Wafers are sold each year. That breaks down to more than 120 wafers consumed every second! Admiral Byrd went even further: when he went to the South Pole in the 1930s, he took two and a half tons of Necco Wafers with him. That's about a pound a week for each member of his crew during their two years in the Antarctic.

There are eight flavors and colors of Necco wafers. The yellow ones are lemon flavored, the green ones lime, and the orange, of course, are orange. White wafers are cinnamon flavored, purple are clove, pink are wintergreen, black are licorice and the brown ones are chocolate.

That doesn't mean you'll get a package stacked in any particular order, or even with an equal number of each flavor. The wafers are made in batches, six hundred pounds in each batch of a single flavor. Then they are mixed together and randomly sorted into packages.

Necco Wafers Are Perfect for Sharing

The randomness of Necco Wafers is part of their appeal. As you know if you spent any time on a playground, hierarchy is important. The variety in flavors and in numbers means that you can save the white ones for your best friend, the chocolate for yourself, and tell that licorice-hating kid you're mad at that you only have black ones left.

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