Old Fashioned Stick Candy

Written by Sarah Provost
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A selection of colorful, individually wrapped old fashioned stick candy by your cash register is an almost irresistible impulse buy. While some candies (Peeps, anyone? Circus peanuts?) are a guilty pleasure, there's something wholesome about stick candy. The ingredients are usually simply corn syrup, sugar, coloring and flavoring.

And oh, what flavors! There's no other candy that offers such variety. You can get several kinds of candy in strawberry flavor, but candy sticks also come in blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, raspberry and huckleberry. There's also cherry cola, pina colada, peach, passion fruit, watermelon and tutti frutti--about 40 flavors in all.

The wider variety of flavors you offer, the better your sales will be. With so many luscious kinds to choose from, it's really difficult for your customer to select just one. These candies will cost you about ten cents each, so you can keep the price low enough to encourage multiple sales.

Displaying Stick Candy

The best way to display stick candy is in glass jars. Glass shows the beautiful colors to their best advantage. If you have room enough, use one jar for each flavor. If your space is tight, however, mixing many flavors together in one jar is also effective. Since each stick is individually wrapped, you can allow customers to sort through to find their favorites. Having an open display of old fashioned stick candy creates a friendly atmosphere, leaving your customers with a warm feeling and sweet memories of their visit.

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