Old Fashioned Stick Candy Displays

Written by Sarah Provost
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Old fashioned stick candy is an irresistible treat. Whether you choose to display a few sticks of half a dozen flavors in a glass jar by the cash register of a cafe or set out three dozen kegs at a farmers' market, people will be drawn to them. Stick candy is a visual delight, with its variety of colors and striping, so even before your customers can smell or taste it, they're already smiling.

Separate Flavors for Best Display

When several flavors are mixed together, customers tend to pick out just one. Display the same number of flavors in separate jars, however, and you're more likely to sell two or three. When sorting through, the customer is likely to stop when he or she finds a favorite flavor. When they can see all the flavors at a glance, however, they may well remember that they like cinnamon, lime and butterscotch as well as peppermint.

Kegs and crates are often used to display stick candies, and these work well if they are below eye level. If space allows, however, glass containers arrayed at eye level are more effective. Let the rainbow of colors work for you.

Stick candy does not lend itself well to gravity bin displays. This is partly because the long cylindrical shape does not move smoothly through the dispenser. Also, the candies should be individually wrapped to prevent them from sticking together. It's best, therefore, to display them separately from bag candy.

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