One And Two Gallon Glass Storage Jars

Written by Sarah Provost
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Large one and two gallon glass storage jars are endlessly versatile. They come in many styles, from sleek modern cylinders to old-fashioned cookie jar shapes. You can get them with caps of wood, plastic, cork, glass or metal, according to your needs.

Retail stores can make particularly good use of these jars. One primary use, of course, is to display candy, cookies, and other small treats. If you're using them to display candy, take advantage of the wide variety of colors available. If you have three jars on a counter, for instance, fill one with bright red fireballs, one with yellow lemon drops, and the center jar with a colorful assortment.

Glass storage jars for retail display are not limited to foodstuffs. Fill a jar with lipsticks to display at a cosmetics counter or hackey sacks in a sports store. There's something friendly and inviting about displaying small things in glass jars. They invite your customer to reach in and take one or two or more.

Glass Storage Jars for the Home

For at-home uses, we usually think of glass storage jars as belonging in the kitchen, where they keep coffee, sugar, flour or pastas fresh and within easy reach. But how about putting one or two in a kid's room to collect the small toys, game pieces or crayons that are always underfoot? In the bathroom, a large glass storage jar could hold a variety of colorful soaps. Fill a jar on your coffee table with ornaments for a holiday decoration, or with pine cones or beach pebbles for a seasonal display.

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