Orange Truffles

Written by Amy Hall
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If you thoroughly enjoy the zesty sweetness that comes from oranges and other citrus fruits, you would likely take great pleasure in orange truffles. Imagine the silky smooth chocolate engulfing that tangy orange filling. If you prefer a taste that pops in your mouth, orange truffles fit the bill perfectly.

Orange truffles go well with dark chocolate. Something about the bittersweetness of dark chocolate and the sweet tang of orange melt together to form the most exquisite taste. For centuries, people all over the world have been finding pleasure in high-quality chocolate. In fact, practically every culture views chocolate as a luxury food and therefore eating orange truffles is considered a pure indulgence.

Another reason why truffles are considered a luxury item is because they tend to be more expensive than other types of chocolate treats. For instance, a box of 10 truffles can cost $20 and up, depending on the confectioner and the quality of ingredients. Truffles that contain higher percentages of cocoa are considered better quality, and therefore they cost more. Sometimes quantity is not the most important factor, and this surely rings true with truffles.

Zesty Orange Truffles

You do not need to spend a fortune on orange truffles in order to show someone how much you care. In fact, ordering the highest quality truffles in smaller amounts would undoubtedly demonstrate your appreciation better than buying a big box of lesser quality truffles. You can buy delicious orange truffles on the Web through specialty stores that sell gourmet chocolates and gift baskets.

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