Sour Patch Peaches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Sour Patch Peaches and other Sour Patch Fruits are the culmination of several fads coming together. The first craze, beginning in the early 1960s, was for mouth-puckeringly sour hard candies, marketed under the brand name Crown. Gel-based candies such as the fruit-flavored Chuckles had been around for decades, but skyrocketed in popularity in the early '70s, when Gummi Bears and Swedish fish candies were introduced.

In the late 1970s, a confectioner named Frank Galatolie came up with a process to combine the two characteristics. The resulting product, Moon Men, was an alien-shaped gel candy with a sour coating. (This coat, called "sanding," gets its tart characteristic from citric acid.) Moon Men were manufactured in Canada and sold by the piece as penny candy.

In 1985, Moon Men were redesigned. At that time, there was a major craze for dolls called Cabbage Patch Kids, so Galatolie renamed his product and introduced it into US markets. Sour candies plus gel candies begat Moon Men. Moon Men plus Cabbage Patch Dolls begat Sour Patch Kids. Within a decade, what had started as a response to a fad had become a top selling brand, especially as movie candy.

Sour Patch Peaches and Other Fruits

Sour Patch Kids come in bags of assorted flavors, so Sour Patch Peaches and other fruit flavors were spun off for single-flavor packaging. In addition to peaches, Sour Patch Fruits come in watermelon, cherry, strawberry and raspberry. Sour Patch candies are fat free and gluten free, and are manufactured in a nut-free environment.

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