Sugar Free Belgian Chocolates

Written by Robert Mac
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Sugar free Belgian chocolates sound like an oxymoron. How is it possible? Are they chocolates that aren't sweet? Certainly not. Sugar free Belgian chocolates are sweetened with maltitol, a common sweetener of candies, gums, jellies . . . and chocolates. The sweetness level is about 90% of that of sugar, but it reduces calories by 12 to 15%, so dig in.

Who Are Sugar Free Belgian Chocolates For?

Every one is worried about counting carbs these days, but there are still people counting calories and others who have to watch their sugar intake, too. Sugar free Belgian chocolates are a perfect guilt-free snack for them. Low carbohydrate dieters need a treat every once in a while, and while these chocolates have about one net gram of carbs, they could have a couple at a time.

There are a lot of medical conditions that preclude sugars. Diabetics and children with ADD have to watch their sugar intake, and there's no reason they shouldn't get to have Belgian chocolates every once in a while. Since maltitol contains no sugar at all (and no aftertaste, either), they can enjoy these chocolates without worrying about going against doctors' orders.

Chocolates made in the Belgian tradition--filled with ingredients rather than a solid bar--can contain liqueurs, creams, nuts, and fruits. As a result, there is generally a group of people that is allergic or reactive to one or more of those ingredients. For now, those who can't (or shouldn't) have sugar in their diet don't have to say "No" to Belgian chocolates.

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