Sugar Free Chocolate

Written by Robert Mac
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Sugar free chocolates satisfy your chocolate cravings and your sweet tooth . . . but without the cavities. At one time, though, the concept of chocolate without sugar made the most serious chocolate fans squirm. Now, with the help of food producers, sugar free chocolate is a reality that tastes amazingly similar to "the real thing."

Since the mastery of the cocoa bean, chocolate has been a favorite luxury of people all over the globe. For most Americans, chocolates are identified with sweets; Europeans prefer theirs a bit more on the bitter side. The idea of sugar free chocolates, for many chocoholics, is as sacrilegious to them as astroturf is to die-hard baseball fans.

Are You Serious? Sugar Free Chocolate?

Certain people--diabetics are probably the largest group--can't eat traditionally sweetened chocolate. With the advances in food sciences, it's now easy to recreate the sweetness of sugar without the problems sugar causes. Maltitol, a sweetener made from malted corn syrup, is 90 percent as sweet as sugar and has a nearly identical taste; it's used to sweeten a number of desert products.

Most people can't tell the difference between the two, and there are other benefits to the sugar free variety. For one, since it doesn't contain sugar, it does not promote tooth decay. And since it has less calories per gram than regular chocolate, it contains less carbohydrates per serving. So give in to your cravings--it's sugar free and guilt free, too.

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