Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

Written by Amy Hall
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Sugar free chocolate bars do not have to taste like cardboard, completely lacking in sweetness and rich, creamy flavor. Chocolate lovers around the world are singing the praises of the natural sweetener, maltitol, derived from malted corn syrup. This amazing sweetener tastes like sugar without all of the calories and carbohydrates, making it the ideal substitute in the creation of fine, gourmet chocolates.

It seems that the world has jumped on the high protein diet bandwagon, shunning carbohydrates from its vocabulary. The truth is, simple carbs are the most troublesome, as they contain high amounts of sugar and/or white flour. If you are trying to avoid the fat trap, you may want to limit foods such as pasta, white rice, white breads, and sugary candies and baked goods.

You can, however, still indulge in delicious chocolate bars that are made with maltitol. These divine culinary treats look, smell, and taste exactly like chocolate made with real sugar, yet they contain fewer calories and carbs. You probably would not even know you were eating a sugar free chocolate bar if someone handed it to you without saying anything. You would enjoy every last mouthwatering morsel of chocolate as it melted on your tongue. In fact, you would probably assume it was chock full of fat and calories, and the guilt would begin to rear its ugly head.

Hooray for Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

The good news is that when you indulge in a maltitol chocolate bar, you can savor every bite, knowing you are not destroying your diet plan. It can be challenging sticking to a diet that restricts so many of the foods you love. Fortunately, you can still enjoy gourmet chocolate without any feelings of guilt because sugar free does not mean flavor-free.

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