Vegan Chocolate

Written by Robert Mac
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Vegan chocolates taste just like real chocolates . . . because they are. In fact, vegan chocolate usually tastes better than run-of-the-mill chocolates because of their quality ingredients. Specialty gourmet confections such as these tend to be made in small batches without any additives or preservatives; the result is so good that you probably don't realize what you're missing.

Vegans are the strictest vegetarians. That is, they don't eat foods containing any animal products all, such as eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and of course, meat. Is there meat in chocolate? Certainly not, but there are dairy products--like milk--in your favorite chocolate bars, making most candy bars off limits for vegans.

Making Vegan Chocolates

Traditionally, true dark chocolates are vegan to begin with; they don't contain any animal products at all. Their creaminess comes from cocoa butter, which is actually from the fats of the cocoa bean itself. However, most sugars used in lower-end candies are processed using animal by-products, which is a vegan no-no. A true vegan chocolate uses beet sugar instead.

These chocolates are not only vegan-friendly, but are perfect for chocolate fans that are lactose intolerant or have other dairy allergies. The creamy insides won't cause any allergic reactions, as they are sugar-based, not dairy. And since gourmet chocolates don't have the preservatives that low-end chocolates do, you'll have to eat them fast--which is the best way to do it.

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