Wholesale Novelty Candy

Written by Sarah Provost
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I feel sorry for the modern six-year-old who has never experienced the goofy pleasure of wax lips. And how are kids going to get their recommended daily amount of paper in their diet without candy dots? Pixie Stix, root beer barrels and Atomic Fireballs are also hard to find these days ... unless you know where to look.

As with so many other things, the Internet is the best place to find retro and novelty candies. A quick search will turn up scores of dealers in wholesale novelty candies, most of whom offer their wares at an extremely reasonable price. Most brick-and-mortar candy stores are located in malls, where their space is very expensive. Since online merchants don't have that high overhead, they can pass their savings on to you.

Most Wholesalers Also Sell in Smaller Quantities

Don't think that because they are listed as wholesalers that their clientele is limited to retail outlets. In most cases, you can get smaller quantities of either a single candy or collections, often offered by decades: the '50s collection, the '60s collection, etc. Browsing their lists can generate a lot of creative ideas for party planners, at all levels from professional to birthday-party moms.

How about putting an assortment of your era's candy on the tables for a class reunion? Why not pass out hot dog gum at your next tailgate party? Send out bubble gum cigars with your birth announcements, or fill a bowl with Black Taffy and Pumpkin Peeps for Halloween. Browsing among the novelty candy dealers will give you lots of interesting ideas to make your party memorable.

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