Wholesale Penny Candy

Written by Sarah Provost
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Just hearing the phrase "penny candy" can set your mouth watering and bring back memories of gazing wide-eyed at the amazing display of goodies as you clutched your coin in a sweaty fist and agonized over your decision. As a retailer, you can recreate that wonderful experience for a whole new generation. Though some old brands have disappeared and new ones risen in popularity, the appeal of old-fashioned penny candy never ceases.

Penny candy falls into two general groups. There are the kinds that appeal not only to nostalgia, but also to even grown-up taste buds. This group includes the many flavors of candy sticks, herbal candies such as horehound and sassafras, and fruit, spice or mint-flavored hard candies.

The other group can be called retro candy. To be honest, some of them really aren't all that tasty, but their nostalgic appeal is undeniable. Adults might not eat more than a few of those candy dots that come on paper tape, or sip more than one Nik-L-Nip, but when they see them, they want them. And for kids, wax lips and Pixie Stix are brand new and irresistible.

Buy Wholesale Penny Candy Online

Just as the five & ten cent store has become the dollar store, penny candy usually costs more than a penny these days. However, you might be surprised to learn just how reasonably it can be obtained online. With the savings they can pass on to you because of their low overhead, online merchants can offer very attractive prices. That leave you room to make a profit, while still keeping prices low enough to encourage buying penny candies by the fistful.

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