Wooden Kegs

Written by Sarah Provost
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Small wooden kegs used to hold nails in hardware stores and general stores. Now they might hold umbrellas in the front hall, plants on the balcony, or old-fashioned candy at a country store. These kegs are often made from white oak. They have wire hoops, steel bands and plywood bottoms. Most kegs do not come with tops.

The rustic appearance of wooden kegs makes them a perfect fit for some country and "north woods" decors. Turn a larger one upside down and use it for an end table. Put a cushion on top of a smaller one and it's a stool. Put it in the kids' room to collect Legos. Keep a small one near the barbeque to hold tools. Fill a small keg with popcorn or baked goodies, cover the top with cellophane and add a pretty bow for a great gift.

Uses for Wooden Kegs in Retail

Retailers have long used wooden kegs for a friendly presentation of small items, particularly hard candies. The kegs can be sanded, stained or varnished if you like, but they are equally attractive in their natural state. Lining the kegs with gingham or calico increases their old-timey charm.

Set a row of small kegs in front of your checkout counter, and fill each one with a different type of wrapped retro candy. You might want fireballs in one, root beer barrels in another, and horehound or sassafras candies in another. They're open and at kids-eye level, which makes them very tempting. Parents won't mind, however, because the retro candies hold appeal for them as well.

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