Beluga Caviar

Written by Rebecca Russell
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If you were to survey a group of people to gain their knowledge of caviar varieties, you would likely find that they all recognize one name--beluga. Beluga caviar is the most precious variety of caviar, owing to its rarity. Choosing beluga as the caviar to serve your guests makes a very grand statement

Beluga caviar comes from the Beluga sturgeon, which is one of the largest varieties of bony fish. Beluga must reach the age of 20 before they fully mature and can begin to spawn (produce eggs). The population of Beluga is so low that they currently appear on the endangered species list, which is one of the main reasons the caviar is so rare.

The Beluga Caviar Experience

There are those who would suggest that if you are new to caviar, you should not begin your experience with beluga. There are many varieties of caviar available and it is wise to be sure that you truly enjoy and appreciate the taste before you spend the kind of money necessary to obtain beluga. However, if you are served, or choose to purchase beluga caviar, there are a few ways to be sure you get the very best experience.

Caviar should be enjoyed at the very beginning of a meal. This ensures that the taste is not lost in your mouth among other food flavors. This is especially important with beluga caviar, as the flavor is often more subtle than other varieties. Additionally, take the time to enjoy beluga without any accoutrements--this will allow you to truly experience and understand why beluga is chief among caviar.

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