Written by Rebecca Russell
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Those who enjoy fine foods will often gravitate toward perfect cuts of meat, pristine wines and, most distinctly, caviar. Many will tell you that quality caviar should be enjoyed without any additions or accoutrements. There are many people, however, who stand by the palate-pleasing goodness that comes from serving caviar with blini.

What are Blini?

Blini is the plural form of the word blin. A blin is a light pancake, traditionally made of buckwheat, which had its origins in Russia. Blini are slightly leavened, due to the yeast used in the recipe, and the taste provides a delicious mouthful when combined with caviar and sour cream.

Blini can be made at home, if you have the time and inclination. The recipe is similar to the American pancake and will likely be found in any cookbook. Additionally, the Internet offers many variations on the blini recipe and alternative ways to enjoy them. Some even mix potatoes into their blini to enhance the desired, golden-brown look.

For those who are curious, but not culinary masters, there are also various specialty companies that sell pre-made blini. These packaged varieties are generally available where fine caviar is sold. These days, blini is often enjoyed with foods other than caviar. Some people eat them plain, or with butter and apricot preserves. Others enjoy them with smoked salmon or foie gras.

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