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Written by Rebecca Russell
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Purchasing good caviar requires a little bit of research and a good knowledge of caviar types and brand names. You should have a good idea of what you are looking for before you get to the store. Otherwise, you may find yourself intending to purchase Beluga and ending up with lumpfish.

Purchasing Tips for the Caviar Novice

If you are looking to purchase fine caviar, you should call around to a few larger supermarkets and ask about their caviar selection. Not all markets will carry fine caviar and it will save you a wasted trip to the store if you call ahead. Once in the store, be sure that the caviar you are choosing from is all refrigerated. The best caviar contains a low amount of salt, which requires cold temperatures for preservation. The caviar on the supermarket shelves is generally of low quality and contains up to 11 percent salt.

Once you have purchased your caviar, ask to have it packed in ice for the trip home. Caviar can be stored in your refrigerator, unopened, for almost a month. When purchasing caviar, if you are not sure how much you will use in one sitting, it is wise to purchase multiple, smaller jars rather than one big one. Caviar will turn very quickly if it is left in the open air.

If your local markets do not carry the types of caviar you desire, there are other options. Many companies sell caviar on the Internet, with a very wide selection. Most will expertly pack and ship the caviar directly to your door. As an added bonus, many companies also sell caviar accessories, such as spoons and services, so you can purchase an entire caviar package from the comfort of your own home.

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