Caviar Recipes

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Dinner parties are particularly popular these days. They allow groups of friends and acquaintances to gather around a table sharing food, wine, dreams and good conversation. For many hosts, a dinner party is a great way to try out new recipes that can then be incorporated into a weekly menu. For others, dinner party dishes are an exercise in gourmet cooking.

A great way to add a dash of elegance to your table is to create dishes with a special ingredient. One suggestion for impressing your guests is to serve a meal made with caviar. Caviar can add a great new flavor to old recipes or, if you are in the mood for adventure, try a recipe built entirely around caviar.

There are wonderful ideas on the Internet for caviar dipping sauces and caviar pie. Additionally, many will agree that the taste of caviar is brought out when mixed with hard or soft-boiled eggs. Whatever the recipe, the caviar should not be overpowered by other ingredients. It should stand out as the star of the dish.

Tips for Cooking with Caviar

When cooking with caviar, do not feel as though it is necessary to purchase an expensive brand. Most grocery stores carry varieties of salted lumpfish caviar, which will work wonderfully in any recipe. If you prefer using a fresher variety, Paddlefish caviar is generally the most affordable among fresh caviar.

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