Caviar Service

Written by Rebecca Russell
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If you generally frequent dinner parties where caviar is served, you may have noticed that the caviar is held in a special dish which comes with matching spoons and often plates, as well. This unique set is called a caviar service and is designed to gently cradle the delicate treat, making an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Caviar services are made of various materials, come in many shapes and are necessary for any caviar aficionado.

The Makings of a Great Caviar Service

Next time you come across a caviar service, take the time to admire it. Many services are made of fine crystal, a material that is lovely to look at and has the added bonus of not tainting the caviar with any outside taste. Services may also be made of beautifully engraved sterling silver. A silver service will almost always have a glass insert where caviar is held, to protect the caviar from being tainted by the metal.

There are often sets made out of mother of pearl. Most people are familiar with caviar spoons made of mother of pearl since it, like glass or crystal, does not add an outside flavor. A complete service made out of this material will offer a lovely iridescent palette, which will set off any variety of fine caviar. The Czars of Russia even had beautiful gold and Faberge creations which, one can imagine, were the picture of royalty.

If you have a friend or loved one who truly enjoys caviar, consider investing in a caviar service as a holiday or birthday gift. It lends an extra air of elegance to the decadent treat. Caviar services also make lovely wedding presents for the couple who enjoys fine foods.

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