Caviar Spoons

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many people adore the taste and luxurious feeling that comes from eating caviar. It is often served with toast points and crème fraiche, or with blinis and sour cream. Most aficionados would agree, however, that the best way to truly enjoy caviar is with a spoon, particularly if you have invested in one of the more rare and expensive varieties.

Utensils for Enjoying Caviar

Many will say that the first rule about eating caviar is to steer clear of any metal utensils. Silver or pewter spoons will very often taint the caviar with their metallic taste. Since the flavor of caviar is very often delicate, it is important to be sure that any utensil used has no material taste.

Finding tasteless materials may sound difficult; however, there are a few standard options, when choosing to purchase a caviar spoon. The more elegant varieties are made from mother of pearl, which lends a lovely, muted backdrop to the caviar. Ambiance is a large part of food enjoyment, for many, and a mother of pearl spoon certainly provides this.

Other materials which lend themselves to fine caviar spoons are horn, glass and, in some cases, even gold. Horn, in particular, is a very popular material for caviar spoons. It has similar coloring and smooth qualities, like mother of pearl, but tends not to be as costly. Gold is the most precious material used for spoons and must be treated in such a way to keep the metallic taste from affecting the caviar.

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