Cocktail Parties

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Back in my undergraduate years, parties generally involved beer, chips and drunken dancing. Somewhere between the last year of college and life in the real world, however, there was a distinct shift toward maturity--at least as far as parties were concerned. Leaving the college days behind, my friends and I began to look for more refined ways to enjoy ourselves.

Growing up meant planning and hosting cocktail parties. There is an inherent feeling of elegance in a cocktail party, from the highballs to the dry martinis to the muted background music. A cocktail party is about conversation and connections, rather than dancing and debauchery.

Tips for a Successful Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties play a significant role in networking, whether for new careers or new social groups. Because of this, the key to a successful cocktail party is ensuring that the ambiance is just right. From the lighting to the room setup, a cocktail party should encourage mingling and flow. Hosts should be free to walk around the party, making introductions and encouraging conversation.

The most important element to the cocktail party is making sure that the bar is fully stocked. This does not necessarily mean that you must have every variety of alcohol available. Most of your guests will likely stick to the basics, so do not feel you must purchase specialty liquors. A good host will have a wide selection of drink mixers and proper garnishes--lemons, limes and olives are good places to start. Above all, mingle with your guests and enjoy the party.

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