Eat Caviar

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Some people are in their element at fancy dinner parties and black tie affairs. Others are most comfortable in small groups and places where a jacket and tie are not required. There are many times, however, when one’s presence is required at a dinner where many unspoken etiquette rules may apply. While most people can muddle their way through multiple forks, water glasses, and where a napkin goes when leaving the table, there are other situations that may be baffling.

One example of dinner party etiquette is how to eat caviar. One may think it is as simple as, “open mouth, insert food.” While this is part of the process, there are a few rules that should be followed when caviar is served.

The Etiquette of Caviar

If the first course of a dinner party is caviar, it will likely be served in a special caviar service. This container, often of crystal or silver with a glass lining, will likely be passed from guest to guest around the table. It is proper to take the serving spoon and help yourself to one serving of the caviar. Garnishes and toast wedges may be passed around separately and can be used, at your discretion, to accompany the caviar.

One serving is generally no larger than a teaspoon. Remember that caviar is not inexpensive, and your host has often purchased just enough to go around. It is considered impolite, where caviar is concerned, to eat more than two servings of caviar. Keep this in mind, particularly if you are served pre-made appetizers prepared with caviar where it may be easy to lose track of how many you have eaten.

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