Exotic Parties

Written by Rebecca Russell
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There are some who hear the words “cocktail party” and think of their parents. Images of men and women in stiff, '50s-style suits and dresses run through their heads. This could not be further from the true image of the modern cocktail party, which can be as chic and trendy as suits your taste. A cocktail party can be a great way to dust off your best glassware and impress your guests with your entertaining prowess.

These days, the more exotic and different your party is, the better it will be remembered. Particularly around the holidays, when everyone is hosting a get-together, making sure your party stands out among the many can seem like a difficult task. One great way to entice partygoers is to create an interesting theme or offer certain exotic fare--a special liquor or food.

Party Ideas for Small Budgets

As many know, it can be a challenge trying to plan a party on a budget, particularly if you are trying for an exotic theme. If your bank account is wincing with each withdrawal, why not invite your guests to be an integral part of your theme. Encouraging each guest to bring an exotic food or drink item to the party will help to cut down on your costs.

Let your contributors be as outrageous and decadent as they like, but stress that the end result be delicious. Be sure that you have enough serving platters and arrange each food item as it comes. Matching trays will help to keep your party from looking like a fancy potluck. Your guests will have a wonderful time enjoying each new food and, as a bonus, may leave you with a stack of new recipes.

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