Gourmet Caviar

Written by Rebecca Russell
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For some, the word caviar conjures up images of a salty, black, lumpy mass, eaten on dry water crackers. For others, caviar is a substance to be savored. As caviar is one of the world’s most popular delicacies, it stands to reason that there must be some discrepancy between caviar experiences and some solutions about how to determine the quality of this gourmet treat.

Choosing the Best Caviar

Caviar can often be found in your local grocery store and there are generally two locations in which to find it. These locations are a good indicator on the quality and taste of the caviar you choose to purchase. Certain types of caviar are found, not refrigerated, on the shelves of the gourmet food aisle. This caviar is generally a less expensive variety; however, for preservation purposes, it is often filled with salt, which negates the delicate flavor that caviar generally possesses. Additionally, this type is generally the roe of lumpfish and not the traditional sturgeon variety. If this is your first experience with caviar, most enthusiasts would steer you away from this variety.

If your local market carries gourmet foods, chances are good that it has a refrigerated section. This is the best place for finding the sort of caviar that will help you to understand why people choose to ingest fish eggs. There may be a few varieties of fresh gourmet caviar. Do not feel that you must choose the most expensive variety--expense is largely determined by the rarity of the fish, not the caviar taste. Choose a small amount, once that suits your budget, since gourmet caviar tends to be slightly pricey. Purchase your caviar and prepare to bring it home to enjoy alone or with loved ones.

One final tip on enjoying your gourmet treat--try it, first, with no other accompaniment. Leave the crackers in the box and the bread untoasted. Before you leave the store, invest in a box of plastic spoons, if you have none at home. Caviar should never be eaten with a metal spoon. Those who can afford them will use mother of pearl spoons, but in this case the plastic variety will suffice. Take your first taste of caviar, savor it, and welcome to the world of fine dining.

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