Party Hosting

Written by Rebecca Russell
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When it comes to hosting a party, there are a few schools of thought. For some, the idea of being a good host is being readily available yet slightly behind the scenes, checking on the food, fixing drinks and being sure that everyone is content. For others, hosting a party involves introducing guests to one another and beginning conversations, leaving food and drink preparation up to servers or to the guests, themselves. Before your next party, it is a good idea to know which kind of host you are and plan accordingly.

The more popular hosting choice is to mingle among your guests. Spending too much time with preparations and drinks can make your guests feel slightly uneasy. Additionally, you will likely want to enjoy your own party. There are a few simple ways to host a wonderful party without spending the entire time in the kitchen.

Tips for Easy Hosting

Choose foods that require very little maintenance. There are many varieties of appetizers that can sit unattended without losing flavor or texture. Certain gourmet foods, such as caviar, should never be left sitting in the open air for very long. Small details such as this are important to keep in mind during your menu planning. Liquor and wine should be arranged to invite your guests to fix their own drinks. Be sure to have an abundance of ice on hand to keep drinks cold.

For a truly elegant party, you may consider hiring a serving staff. If you are hosting a smaller party, this can be as simple as two people--one to cover the bar and one to circulate hors d’oevres. This will allow you to serve more delicate foods, such as caviar or pate, as well as heated foods if you choose. It will also allow you to worry less about the details and concentrate on your guests.

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