Written by Rebecca Russell
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The first impression of a good meal is the appetizer. When the first course is delicious and elegantly served, it bodes very well for the remainder of the meal. For many people, a gourmet appetizer should include pate. The decadence of pate perfectly encapsulates the feeling of celebration. With its creamy texture and high quality ingredients, pate is a wonderful choice of foods to start any meal.

Pate is a small loaf made of meat, poultry or even fish. The meat is mixed with cream, eggs, spices and sometimes ground liver. The mixture of these foods is what gives pate its luxurious texture. One of the more decadent and widely-made pates includes fois gras and is flavored with truffles.

Pate can be purchased at almost any gourmet food store. If you enjoy cooking, it can also be created at home with the help of a few special ingredients and spices. Whether you choose to buy or make pate, it should be served with crackers that will allow the rich flavor to tickle the taste buds.

Cold Pate for Warm Hearts

If your gathering does not involve a full meal, a cold buffet is often a wonderful way to offer a variety of delightful and decadent foods, both sweet and savory. A cold buffet generally requires less maintenance than warm foods, which can help any host worry less about the food and concentrate more on conversation. Pate is an excellent addition to any cold buffet and will be sure to delight your guests.

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