Sevruga Caviar

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many people use special occasions as the perfect excuse to splurge on food. In some families, this means decadent treats and desserts. In others, it means lobster or good steak and a great bottle of wine. If caviar is your splurge of choice, there are many who would steer you in the direction of Sevruga.

From the Sevruga sturgeon, which is the smallest variety to give us cavair, comes a delicacy that is slightly smaller in size than that of the Osetra or Beluga. The taste has been described as slightly sweet, and it is often hailed as the favorite among caviar connoisseurs. The Sevruga population is also very great in its Caspain Sea habitat, which makes the cost slightly more affordable than other high-end caviars.

Treating your family to the delight of Sevruga caviar will make any occasion one to remember. Caviar can even be enjoyed on nights when you don’t have any special plans. If your Tuesday seems slightly bland, and your bank account can handle it, a trip to your local specialty foods counter and a small portion of Sevruga can make the evening grand.

It’s All in the Label

If you enjoy a great deal of caviar, chances are you’ve been up close and personal with the packaging of different varieties. Though the caviar inside the package may be from numerous types of sturgeon, the fish most likely to be depicted is the Sevruga. For many, the Sevruga is the most appealing variety of sturgeon to look at. This makes it the perfect specimen for caviar labels and logos.

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