Trout Caviar

Written by Rebecca Russell
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For many, the cost of caviar is a major deterrent. Sometimes it is difficult to truly enjoy something that costs, for one ounce, as much as a new pair of shoes. There are many who may feel as though they must be left out of the caviar loop, due to the great expense. If you are one who fits this description, take heart--there are alternatives to traditional caviar that can be just as delicious and exotic.

Trout--Not Just for Fly-Fishing

Trout is fished in rivers, lakes and ponds across America and the world. It can be stunningly beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, whether pan fried, sautéed or smoked. In truth, trout is not a particularly rare fish, and few would imagine that this everyday aquatic animal would produce a product as glamorous as caviar.

Trout caviar is a less expensive, ironically exotic alternative to sturgeon roe. The eggs are much larger than traditional caviar, rather more like salmon caviar. Each egg is a vibrant red-orange and has a sweet flavor unlike any other variety. Because trout are fresh-water fish, the roe tends taste more mild than other caviar.

While it can be enjoyed by itself, trout caviar is also a wonderful variety to use in canapés and appetizers. It is generally a cost-effective option, since fewer of the larger morsels of trout caviar are necessary for each appetizer. Additionally, the brightly-colored roe lends a lovely, festive look to any occasion.

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