Bad Ass Coffee

Written by Sarah Provost
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I make bad-ass coffee, I drink bad-ass coffee, and I love bad-ass coffee, but until recently I didn't know there was a coffee shop franchise named Bad Ass coffee. Their corporate logo is a grin-and-bear-it donkey toting bags of Kona beans. I like the way these people think.

The Bad Ass Coffee Company started in 1989 with one freestanding store in Kona, Hawaii. They have expanded to four franchise stores in Hawaii, four in Utah, where they have their franchise headquarters in Salt Lake City, four in Alaska, and one each in California and Florida. From such small beginnings, they have rapidly become one of the largest sellers of Kona coffee in the world.

Bad Ass Coffee Is Kona Coffee

Kona coffee comes from a small area on the southwestern slope of Mauna Loa, one of the volcanic mountains that form the Big Island of Hawaii. More than 500 small farms inhabit this area, where the volcanic soil and tropical climate give the coffee beans their distinctive flavor. The fact that Kona coffee is grown and processed almost entirely by hand labor, combined with the limited growing area, make pure Kona coffee difficult to find in most retail outlets.

The Bad Ass Coffee Company serves Kona coffee in all their stores. Their outlets are Hawaiian-themed, and the aloha spirit is important to them. They also keep their puckish spirit going with their non-coffee products: in addition to the usual shirts, hats and mugs, they offer Bad Ass cigars, lip balm, and thongs!

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