Black Coffee

Written by Sarah Provost
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Black coffee, like many of the finer things in life, is an acquired taste. For most of us, our first cup of coffee was heavily sugared and so diluted with milk that the taste of coffee was barely discernible. Some never lose their love for coffee that tastes like ice cream, but most true coffee fanatics insist on drinking it black.

Technically, black coffee simply means coffee without milk, cream or (gack!) artificial creamers. In my personal lexicon, however, black coffee means no sugar, no syrups, no added flavors and roasted as dark as it can be without being burnt. In my opinion, coffee, chocolate, and comedy all get better the darker they get.

The Effects of Black Coffee

Contrary to most people's beliefs, drinking black coffee will not sober up someone who has had too much alcohol. All regular coffee is stimulating, but the caffeine will only produce a wide-awake drunk. Drinking your coffee black in and of itself won't help you lose weight, either, though you will save some calories and carbohydrates if you usually take it heavily sugared, and some fat if you usually use cream.

Black coffee will perk you up if you're feeling sleepy. It will help you to focus on the task at hand. Despite the fact that it contains the stimulant caffeine, many people find drinking a cup of coffee to be relaxing, which is probably partly a result of taking the time out of your busy schedule to savor it.

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