Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

Written by Sarah Provost
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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company was a pioneer in the specialty coffee market. The company was started in California in 1963, and has since grown into one of the largest privately owned and family run coffee and tea businesses in the world. Interestingly, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores are only in California, Nevada, and Arizona in the US, with the majority of their outlets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was also one of the originators of the blended "frappe" style of coffee drinks. They introduced their Ice Blended in the 1980s, then took tea in a new direction with Chai Latte in the mid 90s. Their vanilla French Deluxe and chocolate Special Dutch flavoring powders are justly famous.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Social Programs

It is part of the mission statement of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company to support "positive community efforts and environmental concerns." In their shops' local communities, they donate products for events sponsored by non-profit organizations. In 1975, they founded their own non-profit organization, The Help Group, which helps children with special needs such as autism and learning disabilities.

On a global level, they have founded Education for Coffee Growing Families in Colombia. By donating one dollar from the sale of each pound of Colombian coffees, they have built several school facilities for the children of their growers. In Ethiopia, they support a Student Self Help Association, and in Sri Lanka, where their Ceylon tea is grown, they have built a community center for children and senior citizens.

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