Coffee Beans Online

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The real advantage to shopping for coffee online rather than locally is that the choice is wider. The disadvantage, clearly, is that the smell of the bean or the grind can't be a guideline. One has to rely instead on prior knowledge, written descriptions, and imagination. There is also word of mouth, on both online vendors and particular coffee blends.

Buying Coffee Beans Online

So, that said, what's important in selecting a cyberspace coffee shop? Much of this might seem obvious, but because it's easy enough to forget the obvious--and we all do it more often than we'd like to admit--we'll go over it regardless. What's the most important characteristic of coffee? Freshness is the answer we're looking for. You want to be sure that the coffee you order will spend no more than 48 hours in transit.

Transit brings up the issue of type of shipping. Whether you have a gripe with the USPS, or FedEx, or UPS is a separate issue. In the best of all worlds, you'll have a choice of shipping methods. It could be, after all, that wherever you are, their standard shipper doesn't service. This happens.

The shop should also have a few options for customer service. Among them would be a toll-free telephone number and a toll line as a back-up. At least one (ideally more than one) email address is also good. Remember, a coffee shop is a coffee shop, whether in cyberspace or down the street. The criteria are the same no matter what. You want someone in business selling coffee at least in part because they're coffee aficionados themselves. They know their beans, their suppliers, their roasting, their grinding, and their customers.

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