Coffee Gift Baskets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Coffee gift baskets are ideal for any occasion, from corporate gifts, to anniversaries, to birthdays. They also make great wedding shower gifts. Instead of giving the standard coffee pot, include some gourmet coffee beans and a nice grinder.

If you give coffee beans in your coffee gift baskets, make sure your recipients own coffee grinders. If they do not, you will have to include grinders in the gift baskets you make. Of course, grinders start at under $20, so this should not be a hardship. Adding accessories like coffee mugs, flavored syrup, and candles or mints also makes the basket look prettier and more complete.

Buying Coffee Gift Baskets

If you do not have an artistic flair or want something easier, you can purchase coffee gift baskets already made. Look around the Web or at your favorite gourmet coffee shop. You are bound to find gift baskets that are the right size and price for your recipient s and budget.

You can also find gift baskets centered around a particular coffee flavor, such as vanilla or hazelnut. Or, you can purchase gift baskets that have gourmet coffee as well as some tea, to please people who like both. There are gift baskets that only include decaffeinated coffee. Nearly everybody likes coffee, making gift baskets a much-appreciated gift.

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