Coffee Online

Written by Sarah Provost
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Buying coffee online is a heady experience. Even the best-stocked brick and mortar store can offer only a limited number of varieties of coffee beans, but a quick scan of online coffee sources will give you enough choices to set your head spinning. And if you've been drinking only supermarket brands, your coffee-drinking life is about to change.

The variety of specialty coffee online can, in fact, be a little intimidating. Fortunately, there are sites out there to help us make informed choices. Roasters' sites often give a good deal of information about the sources and processing of their coffees. There are also several coffee review sites that can help you make decisions and very likely introduce you to something new.

Ever try a coffee from Zimbabwe? How about Tanzanian peaberry or Mexican Chiapas Altura? Review sites can help you distinguish among them, give you a rating for each one, describe the predominant characteristics, and tell you where to order them.

Microroasters Sell Coffee Online

In addition to the wide selection available, buying coffee online also helps assure freshness, especially if there are no roasters in your vicinity. Many of the microroasters that have shops online can roast your beans to order and get them delivered to you the next day. You really can't beat that for freshness.

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