Costa Rica Coffee

Written by Linda Alexander
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Costa Rica coffee is known as a "classically complete" coffee, with its full body, balanced acidity and sweet scent. It has rich chocolate and nutty undertones with a delicate clean aftertaste. Many coffee connoisseurs consider Costa Rican beans the finest coffee beans in the world.

Where Costa Rica Coffee Is Grown

The Central Valley coffee region is where most Costa Rica coffee is grown. The climate, altitude, and soil together create ideal conditions under which to grow coffee. With water surrounding both costs, the tropical, humid climate provides the right amount of rain and shade for coffee to grow.

People who love fine coffee should sample Costa Rica coffee. It is grown in rich soil, under the ultimate conditions and that is reflected in the flavor and aroma of the coffee. For the highest quality beans, choose arabica coffee instead of robusta. Any gourmet retailer will have it available.

Coffee from Costa Rica makes a fine gift for any coffee enthusiast. Those who experiment with the many different types of coffees available will appreciate trying something new. With coffee being the number one export of that country, you are also helping their economy.

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