Espresso Coffee Beans

Written by Sarah Provost
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Espresso coffee beans can be almost any dark-roasted variety with good body. Those beans roasted darkest are sometimes labeled "espresso," but there is no specific espresso bean. If you're looking for the best espresso coffee, beans should be as freshly roasted as possible and ground just before using.

You can buy whole beans in two forms: from bins or in foil bags, usually with a one-way air valve. The bags are designed to protect the beans from light and oxygen, which are the two elements that make beans go stale. The bags are flushed of oxygen before being filled. The beans themselves give off carbon dioxide, so the valve allows that gas to escape without oxygen getting in.

Bags can only do so much, though, and buying in bulk is more likely to give you the freshest espresso coffee beans. Just because beans are in a bin, however, doesn't mean they have been freshly roasted. Some--in fact many--stores get their coffees in bags and simply dump them into the bins. Your very best bet is to find a company that roasts their own beans. Barring that, get to know and trust your vendor.

Buying Espresso Coffee Beans Online

If you don't have a good coffee vendor near you, you can choose from one of the many, many sites that sell specialty coffee online. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, check out the sites that publish reviews of coffee suppliers. Not only can they lead you to the best quality and freshest roast, but you may also learn about varieties previously unknown to you that you'd like to try.

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