Espresso Coffee Pods

Written by Sarah Provost
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Every now and then, a new technology comes along that raises the bar, and in the last two years, espresso coffee pods have done just that. These pods are paper packets filled with a pre-measured amount of finely ground coffee. They are used with a specific type of espresso machine designed for home use.

Using these espresso coffee pods makes producing a fine cup of espresso as easy as using a tea bag. The resulting brew is full-bodied and aromatic, and has an excellent layer of crema on top. For all its ease, though, the pod method does have its drawbacks.

For one thing, it's expensive. Using espresso coffee pods will cost you less than buying your espresso and cappuccino at Starbuck's, but it will be significantly more expensive than brewing regular coffee or using a regular espresso machine. Secondly, your choice of beans is a good deal more limited than if you bought them without the pods. Beans in pods tend to be a blend of rather generic beans. Finally, pods and the machines to brew them make only one or at most two cups at a time.

Espresso Coffee Pods May Revolutionize Home Brewing

For all their drawbacks, however, these pod machines do make a delicious cup of coffee. I, for one, would rather have one cup of excellent espresso than a whole pot of less expensive coffee that didn't taste as good. I'm putting one on my list for Santa, and who knows? I might even give up my coffee shop habit.

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