Kona Coffee

Written by Linda Alexander
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Kona coffee is one of the finest, most sought after coffees in the world. It is grown on the western Kona Coast of Hawaii, which has rich volcanic soil. Kona is a small district, about 20 miles long and three miles wide. Farms there remain small, about three acres each.

Kona coffee is grown at a relatively low altitude, about 800 to 2,300 feet above sea level. Lower altitudes are said to produce coffee with an poorer taste, but the Hawaiian climate provides automatic shade with its cloud cover and receives the perfect amount of rain to grow coffee. Hawaiian coffee often has the same density and acidity of coffees grown elsewhere at higher altitudes.

The Value of Kona Coffee: Taste it and Decide for Yourself

Critics say that Kona coffee, while it tastes excellent, is not worth the price for its quality. At about $25 per pound, retail, they believe it is overpriced for its quality. However, coffee enthusiasts do appreciate its body and flavor, no matter what the price tag is. It is a medium-bodied, fairly acidic coffee with a rich flavor.

If you are concerned about the amount of coffee you drink, take heart: Kona and other coffees contain antioxidants. These help support the immune system, and may lower your risk for certain types of cancer and heart disease. The antioxidant level in a cup of coffee is as much as is found in three oranges!

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