Nicaraguan Coffee

Written by Linda Alexander
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Nicaraguan coffee has gone through some significant changes in recent years. Previously, the Cold War had left Nicaragua isolated, and their coffee industry suffered heavily. They had a choice to grow specialty coffees to create better living conditions for smaller farmers.

First, much of Nicaragua's coffee is grown organically, since they never used chemicals in the first place. Second, there is a fair trade certification program there, ensuring that growers receive a "fair" price for their coffee. These growing practices have yielded more than just good coffee for Nicaragua.

Gourmet Nicaraguan Coffee: Enjoyed by Many Coffee Connoisseurs

Nicaragua coffee has evolved into gourmet blends, due to education of growers and mill owners about quality. The higher quality, more expensive and more unique flavors bring more money to Nicaraguan coffee farmers. They have created a market for their specialty gourmet coffee.

The flavor of Nicaragua coffee is sweet, rich, and balanced. Connoisseurs say it has a full-bodied appeal with chocolate undertones. For people who like to sample, or "cup" different coffees, Nicaraguan coffee should be on their lists of coffees to try.

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