Specialty Coffee

Written by Linda Alexander
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It might seem hard to believe that your neighborhood can support another specialty coffee shop. Even with the booming popularity of gourmet coffee, it still only accounts for about fifteen percent of the coffee we drink in America. Luckily for coffee retailers, people have become aware of gourmet coffee and want to drink it at home as well as in specialty shops.

The Allure of Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee has become a sociological phenomenon. There are not a lot of places you can go after work and meet up with friends that are as relaxed and as affordable as coffee shops. You can meet with people, enjoy some conversation, and sip a steaming cuppa joe, in a quick social break that does not cost a lot of money compared to other activities.

Specialty coffee is not just coffee with a fancy flavor and a higher price tag. It's made from a better bean, the arabica bean. Most of the coffee you will find in supermarkets is made from a different species of coffee, robusta, which does not have the same strong flavor as arabica, and has more caffeine.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. It is hard to believe we consume as much as we do, but it is true. No matter how many specialty coffee shops pop up around the corner, be sure that there is a market that will support them. Now that gourmet coffee has gone mainstream, there is more demand for better coffee. Specialty shops and websites that sell gourmet coffee will continue to grow in popularity.

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