Torani Syrups

Written by Sarah Provost
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Coffee drinks flavored with Torani syrups seem as though they've been around forever, but in fact, syrups were used only to make Italian sodas until the early 1980s. The Torani brand began in 1925 in North Beach, California, when a young couple, Rinaldo and Ezilde Torre began making syrups with recipes brought from Lucca, Italy. The first use of Torani syrups to flavor lattes was in Caffe Trieste in San Francisco only 20 years ago. Today almost every cafe has a row of the colorful syrups on display.

At last count, there were 59 flavors of Torani syrups, with new ones being developed as I type. You may be familiar with amaretto, chocolate mint, and macadamia nut, but have you tried cheesecake, huckleberry, or pink grapefruit? Torani syrups are made with pure cane sugar, purified water, and all natural flavors. Sugar-free versions are also available.

Torani syrup can be added to all kinds of coffee drinks, plus iced teas, lemonade, cocoa, and other beverages in addition to combining it with sparkling water for the original Italian soda. A drink rapidly gaining popularity is the Torani steamer, which consists of steamed milk and a Torani flavor. It's a great treat for kids, and expectant mothers and the elderly drink it to increase their calcium intake.

Torani Syrups Aren't Just for Beverages

Visit the Torani website for literally hundreds of creative recipes using their flavored syrups. Start with a spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette. For your entree, try Torani's pork loin with apricot glaze, or grilled salmon with a pineapple marinade. Let your imagination run wild thinking about their desserts--and you won't even be close. Keep a stock of Torani syrups in your kitchen and you can add a creative touch to every menu.

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